Welcome to the Conservative Mental Health Group

The Conservative Mental Health Group (CMHG) is an independent group that aims to promote broader understanding and positive action on mental health within the UK Conservative Party, Parliament, Government and wider society. Through our work, we strengthen knowledge of the causes and impact of mental health problems, alongside promoting the effectiveness of political policies that aim to support people’s mental health.

People from all walks of life can suffer with their mental health, a point made even more prevalent by the hardship of the coronavirus pandemic. A shocking one in four people in England suffer with their mental health each year. Whilst across a lifetime, one in five people experience suicidal thoughts. Finding solutions to the causes and impact of mental health problems is not only the right thing to do, but is key to a healthier and freer society.

Being made up of members of the UK Conservative Party who advocate for solutions to mental health problems, the CMHG aims to create a link between the Conservative Party and the UK’s wider mental health community.

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By attending our events, supporting our activities and helping fund our work, CMHG members are integral to our success. A yearly membership fee of £10 goes towards CMHG events and administrative costs, whilst members receive a host of great opportunities throughout the year, including attending events, networking with fellow campaigners and helping shape CMHG policy and campaigns. If you would like to become a CMHG member, please fill out the form below.