About us

The Conservative Mental Health Group is an independent group established by Conservative Party members that aim to tackle the causes and impact of mental health problems. Through our community, we work to promote effective mental health action based on Conservative values. 

Our mission is to create a platform to which all members can engage in campaigning, advocacy, and policy work to create a better understanding of mental health issues and support positive policies on mental health from the Conservative Party, UK Parliament, devolved parliaments, local governments and the UK Government.

The CMHG also aims to create stronger support for Conservative Party members and political candidates whose mental health has been impacted by their political involvement. Active political engagement can cause strain on people’s mental health due to online or in-person hate because of their political involvement.

Members of the CMHG engage with senior members of the Conservative Party and elected officials, alongside leaders of the UK’s mental health community, through our policy discussions on mental health.  

“We want to see mental health and physical health treated together with parity”

Matt Hancock MP

Our Mission:

  • Promote knowledge and understanding of mental health issues within the Conservative Party.
  • Create a platform for which Conservative Party members can discuss policy surrounding support for mental health problems.
  • Support Conservative Party policy and campaigns on mental health issues.
  • Support the Conservative Party in creating greater support for party members and campaigners suffering from their mental health.
  • Help overcome the stigma attached to mental health issues.
  • Support Conservative candidates who adhere to the CMHG’s mission on mental health.